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Free web hosts have the following main drawbacks:

  • Poor search engine optimization. Some search engine crawlers may ignore your site completely if it is freely hosted.
  • Your content may get deleted any time. Yes that is right. Everybody is interested in money. If you don’t decide to buy web space after using the free version of a particular web host for some time then your site may get deleted all together at any time without you being given any notice or warning. It has happened with some people.

So if you are really serious about your online business it is a very important necessity that you purchase a web space.

Hundreds of web hosting services are available in the market. Which one should you chose? You can get your answer on is a website that provides information about the best web hosting plans available on the internet.

The website is run by a group of professionals who have more than ten years’ experience in the web hosing business. Though it is true that they will get a commission if you will buy through the affiliate links provided on the website but they provide neutral, unbiased and useful information for anyone interested in knowing about web hosting services.

The key features of the website are discussed below.

Top 10 Web Hosting

This part of the site provides a list of top 10 web hosting platforms of 2011. The editors of the site have carefully reviewed and tested hundreds of web hosting options. They have ranked the web hosts based on factors like costs involved, reliability and performance, customer service and control panel.

As can be seen in the above image, the list contains links to the appropriate sites (which are affiliate), basic and advanced features and a link to the review of the web host written by the editors of Webhostinclue.

Webhosting Coupons

If you go to any web hosting site and make a purchase you will get little or no discount. But if you go through the affiliate links provided on the site you will get a bigger discount than what you may get otherwise.

This discount can be achieved via another way – by using the web hosting coupons.

Some of these coupons will provide you with a code. Go to the site you want to make a purchase, submit that code and you will get a discount.

Hosting Review

Maybe for you the mere ranking of a web host is not enough. You want more details. You will find them in the hosting review articles.

These articles are brief and to-the-point. No unnecessary details. They contain information like the place where a particular web hosting company is headquartered, since when it is in business, their monthly charges etc.

Besides the above mentioned features the site has an entire page for best WordPress hosting. WordPress is the most widely used blogging platform by the way.

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