10 Awesome Opening Credits

Catch me if you can


Mad Men

2001 A space odyssey

Casino Royale

Lord of war

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang


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7 thoughts on “10 Awesome Opening Credits

  1. Tyler on said:

    In addition to these, go see Watchmen!!!! BEST OPENING SEQUENCE EVER!!!!!

  2. sam on said:

    agree on Watchmen. great.

  3. opening credits on said:

    Very god article. I am to a big fan of opening credits. My preferred opening is from Buffy The Vampire Slayer. :)

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    Youtube provide you with almost all opening credits so go and search for opening credits au youtube and use downloader von youtube method and download your preferred videos

  5. bild von bild on said:

    I have watch the opening credits and i must say awesome!
    My favorite is Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and i just love the song …
    Love Opening Credits