15 Baffling Bokeh Wallpapers

Why don’t you spice up your desktop with a beautiful wallpaper? An awesome bokeh wallpaper perhaps? Bokeh is the blur in an out-of-focus area of an image. You’ll see this effect in several photographs but designers started experimenting with digital bokeh. In this article you’ll find 15 baffling digital bokeh wallpapers. Continue reading

30 Beautiful And Inspiring Nature Wallpapers

I know a lot of you like to change their wallpaper once in a while. A few weeks ago I collected 30 awesome abstract wallpapers, but this time I found a whole collection of beautiful nature wallpapers. These wallpapers will give your desktop a fresh new look and they might even inspire you to create a great nature-related design. Continue reading

30 Awesome Abstract Wallpapers

Wallpapers are probably the easiest way to customize your machine. Some prefer minimalistic wallpapers while others prefer natural wallpapers. Some of you might prefer abstract wallpapers. In that case, you’ve come to the right place. In this post you’ll find 30 kick-ass abstract wallpapers that will give your desktop a great new look! Continue reading