Beautiful Examples of Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design is hot. With the rise of smartphones and tablets, flexible layouts have never been more important. Thanks to responsive web design we can be sure that the visitor will have the same experience, regardless of the screen size. Here are some examples of companies that already created beautiful responsive websites. Continue reading

Interesting Tweets – Week 37

It has been another interesting week on Twitter. Last week I came across some great resources such as Fitvids, a lightweight jQuery plugin for fluid width video embeds, the iPhone app Gadgetbox, a huge collection of code snippets and a JS library that helps you with your web typography. We also found images of the original Twitter homepage. Enjoy! Continue reading

Touching Photography From The Dark Side Of War

War has always been a terrible thing: destroying cities, tearing up families and scarring people for life. Photographers try to capture these terrible scenes so they can show us the real face of war. The result is a collection of touching and heartbreaking photos from the dark side of war. Some of the pictures in this gallery might be offending. Viewer discretion is advised. Continue reading

Interesting Tweets – Week 35

It was once again an interesting week on Twitter. The week was packed with useful and interesting tweets. Big news was the Wacom Inkling, a great tool that closes the gap between traditional and digital sketching methods. We also saw the semantic grid system, 12 graphic design paradoxes, a JPEG tool and the beautiful website for the Sony Tablet S. Continue reading

Great Examples Of Minimal Business Cards

Business cards are a must-have for every self-respecting company. Some designers like to create business cards with lots of colors and illustrations while other designers prefer a more minimalistic approach. The latter use subtle gradients and textures instead of bombastic visuals. In this article you’ll find some examples that will hopefully inspire you. Continue reading

Interesting Tweets – Week 34

Twitter users are sending 55 million tweets per day. That’s circa 640 tweets per second! There’s a lot of spam and rubbish between these short messages but occasionally you’ll also find some interesting stuff. This week I found some tweets that have been very useful and/or interesting to me. I discovered Inkerlinker, found some great icon sets, learned a useful photoshop tip… More interesting tweets after the break. Continue reading

Dream Offices From Around The World

We already took a look at 15 awesome and inspiring offices a couple of months ago. Fortunately there are more than 15 great offices in the world. This is a selection of offices that stand out from the rest because of their creative design or crazy decorations. Surely, you wouldn’t mind working in one of these awesome offices. Continue reading

25 Kick-Ass Pokemon Illustrations

Pokemon has been a worldwide phenomena during the 90′s. Actually, it’s still popular amongst kids these days. For me, pokemon provided a lot of fun and childhood memories. I’m sure this is the case for a lot of people. That’s why some artist decided to use these little monsters as a design-subject. Let’s take a look at some of the results. Continue reading

Awesome Infographic Videos

Infographics have been very popular lately; they pop up on Twitter, Facebook, in e-mails… Not a day goes by without bumping in to one. Some artists tried to make infographics more interesting and entertaining by converting them into videos. In this article you’ll find some of the most beautiful infographic videos from various artists. Continue reading

12 Amazingly Inspirational Flickr Groups

Flickr is a great site that allows everyone from photographers to graphic designers to upload and share media as well as be inspired by others. It is truly a great community site and one of the great features are the community pools or groups, they allow everyone and anyone to submit awesome work that will inspire others. Continue reading

35 Great Illustrations Of Mythical Creatures

People have always been fascinated by mythological creatures. You might have come across some dragons, chimeras or centaurs in books. Some designers tried to envision these creatures and translate their ideas into beautiful illustrations. Because every designer is unique, so are his creations. Here are some of the best illustrations of mythological creatures, enjoy! Continue reading

Beautiful Fan-Made Boxart

Packaging is for all products pretty important and so it is for videogames. And with the shift to buying more and more games online, publishers are adding value to their games via its packaging. That’s why almost every game now gets a special or limited edition when it comes out. What I personally like the most is a game’s boxart. The boxart of a game should reflect its identity. So why not have boxart made by the people who know a game’s identity the best. Below I give you a collection of the best boxarts created by gamers themselves. They all tried to capture the essence of the game in its boxart and besides that, they all look pretty cool if you ask me. Continue reading

Typography Inspiration Part 3

I’ve always been jealous of designer who are masters of typography. They can bring letter to life, creating beautiful artwork. That’s why I decided to share some of these great creations with you. In part 3 of our typography inspiration series, you’ll find 20 awesome examples of typography art. Continue reading

20 Gorgeous Business Cards From GraphicRiver

Are you looking for stylish, eye-catching business card? Don’t have the necessary skills to create one on your own? GraphicRiver, an Envato marketplace for design resources, is packed with beautiful business cards. You can already buy a business card design for only $5! In this article, you’ll find 20 gorgeous business cards from GraphicRiver. Continue reading

A Showcase Of Human Photo Manipulations In Advertisements

Everyday you are confronted with hundreds of advertisements. You’ll find them on TV, in magazines, on billboards… But you probably don’t remember every ad you’ve ever seen. That’s why it’s important for advertising agencies to create unique, creative ads. In this article you’ll find some of the best print ads. Al of these ads tried to sell their product or service via a human photo manipulation. Continue reading

Really Cool Hotels From Around The World

After a year of hard work, it’s time to take some time off and relax. There’s no better place to relax than on some exotic beach or in a new and undiscovered city. So why not do it in style and stay in one of these gorgeous hotels? This is just a selection of my favourites, I’m sure there are hundreds of other beautiful hotels out there. Continue reading

20 Inspirational Typographic Quotes

Some of the best advice in the world is spread via quotes. For example: when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. There’s a lot of wisdom in this simple sentence. A lot of designers use these kind of quotes as a source of inspiration. These quotes become even better when you illustrate them in the form of typography. Here are 20 inspirational typographic quotes for your inspiration! Continue reading

Beautiful Illustrations Of Greek Mythology

Greek mythology is the body of myths and legends belonging to the ancient Greeks concerning their gods and heroes, the nature of the world, and the origins and significance of their own cult and ritual practices. Greek mythology has exerted an extensive influence on the culture, the arts, and the literature of Western civilization and remains part of Western heritage and language. The Greek mythology is actually pretty interesting and it can be a great source of inspiration. That’s why I’ve compiled this list of beautiful illustrations of Greek gods, goddesses and other mythical creatures. Continue reading

8 Amazing Office Desk Setups

[Guest article by Tom Walker] Here we bring you a run down of some of the most amazing office desk setups anywhere in the world. Rather than focus our attention on multi-screen monsters (although there are a couple in there – it’s hard to resist!), we’ve chosen to feature offices which are uncluttered, stylish, sleek and conducive to an organized and stress-free working life. Ogle them, feel jealous and be inspired. They say you can learn a lot about the quality of a professional from his desk – make sure yours is saying the right things about you! Continue reading

Surprisingly Beautiful Curved Stairs

Inspiration can be found everywhere. People can draw inspiration from almost everything in this world: music, flowers, the sea, movies, animals… Sometimes, even something as simple as a stair can become a great source of inspiration. That’s why I’ve collected some of the most beautiful spiral stairs in this article. We should thank these photographers for capturing these great examples of inspirational architecture. Continue reading

Photo Manipulations By Koen Demuynck

Belgium might be a small country, but it’s filled with talented people. A few months ago I already showed you some of the beautiful creations of exceptionally talented photographer and film director Frank Uyttenhove. Today I’d like you to meet Koen Demuynck, another design guru with an amazing eye for detail. Continue reading

20 Great Examples Of Nike Fan Art

Nike is one of the best known brands in the world. This is partially because of their beautiful and easily recognizable logo. The Nike logo was inspired by the Greek goddess of victory. This great brand has inspired a lot of people to create jaw-dropping artwork. Let’s take a look at 20 beautiful Nike-related designs that were created by fans. Continue reading

30 Great Examples Of Data Visualisation

When I was younger, I always thought that working with data is boring. Well, it doesn’t have to be. Some designers took this tedious task and took it to a whole new level. They actually transformed simple data to art. In this article you’ll find 30 excellent examples of data visualisation. You’ll find histograms, pie charts and even some graphical representations of data I didn’t know existed. Continue reading