8 Amazing Office Desk Setups

1. Brooklyn Home Office (mkosut)

Simplicity is the key to this amazing desk setup. Equipment has been scaled down and additional hardware and wires have been hidden from view, a great idea for those of you who live in a small(ish) dwelling. Rather than have an ugly whiteboard on display, the owner of this office writes with dry erase markers on the glass windows.



  • MacBook Pro


  • G5 server
  • Dual Core 2.8GHz HP Proliant server running Ubuntu (hidden)
  • Canon All-In-One printer/scanner/copier (hidden inside sliding glass door cabinet)
  • Aeron chair
  • Tinted side windows
  • MacBook Air
  • iPhone
  • Airport Extreme Dual Band Base Station with 2 external 1TB hard drives

2. Quad Monitor Paradise (vtown.geek)

A little over the top, but highly impressive nonetheless, this is the dream office setup for any computer geek. It’s important to note that the office has been really well planned, with photographs in thick black frames on the walls mirroring the four-monitor setup below.



  • LG Flatron W2452T 24″ LCD @ 1920×1200 (3)
  • Viewsonic VA912b 19″ LCD


  • 2GB Radeon HD 4850 (2) driving 4 DVI ports
  • Das Ultimate II Keyboard with blank keys
  • Sennheiser HD 280 Pro headphones
  • Logitech G5 Rusted mouse on a Razer eXactMat mouse-mat
  • Seraphim Bigtower
  • IKEA GALANT desk

3. New Setup (marc0047)

Perhaps the most stylish office setup in this list, its owner has gone for style over substance with only the bare minimum of computer equipment on show. I don’t doubt, however, that this equipment is more than sufficient to satisfy its owner’s needs. Makes you wander if having nine screens is really necessary!



  • Mac Mini


  • Dell LCD


  • Audioengine A5 Bookshelf speakers
  • Apple wireless keyboard
  • OWC external hard drive
  • SE Lager singlespeed bike, complete with bullhorns
  • IKEA Vika Lerberg trestles

4. Mac Setup (Crouching Donkey)

This setup is perfectly balanced. While some setups with this much kit look oppressive, this one looks rather inviting. It’s the little touches like the Anglepoise lamp, the pot of classic pencils and the stainless steel card holder which make this workstation so attractive.



  • Apple 24″ 2.8GHz Intel Core 2 Extreme iMac
  • Apple PowerBook


  • Samsung SyncMaster 940BW monitor


  • Logitech VX Revolution mouse
  • Apple wireless keyboard
  • WD MyBook 500GB external hard drive
  • iPod Shuffle 1GB
  • iPod Nano 4GB
  • iPod Photo 40GB
  • iPod 80GB
  • Motorola E8080 Cordless DECT Phone

5. Mac Pro Setup (jaronbrass)

This setup is brilliantly self-contained. Open up the cabinet’s middle draw, which houses the keyboard and mouse, and it instantly comes to life, becoming a workstation fit for any professional.



  • Apple Mac Pro (Dual Quad-Core 3.0GHz Xeons, 16GB RAM, 4x500GB Samsung SpinPoint HDDs, Radeon X1900 XT)


  • 2 x Apple Cinema Displays 30”


  • Apple aluminum keyboard
  • Logitech VX Revolution mouse
  • Wacom tablet
  • Logitech Z-5500 speakers
  • iSight

6. The Serene Workspace (Schodts)

It’s hard to assemble a setup with this much hardware and keep it serene. The owner of this setup has prioritized good lighting, which can make any workspace appear peaceful and calm.



  • Acer AL1951 19” (3)
  • Samsung LCD TV 1080p


  • iPhone
  • Linksys Wireless N USB Adapter
  • vTech Phone with Bluetooth
  • Logitech Mx518 mouse
  • Logitech G15 keyboard
  • Creative THX Control
  • IronKey Encrypted USB Thumbdrive
  • Belkin Desk Hub

7. Digital Photo Lab (Mark Sebastian)

This is a highly sophisticated office setup befitting of its classy photographer owner. Most people play it safe when it comes to designing their home offices, going for whites, blacks and not much else. It’s great to see a more daring palette now and again.


8. Spring in Cincinnati (ekalb)

There’s very little information available about the hardware used in this setup, but that’s not what’s important here. It’s all about the view over Cincinnati, with the illuminated Carew Tower standing proud on the horizon. Who could fail to be inspired by that?


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  5. Your Comments

    Just gorgeous! An Apple Mac regardless of model will always look smart even it is in a tin shed. Though to view it surrounded by luxury such as good lighting, soft furnishings, and audio equipment is an envy of most apple lovers.

  6. Personally I think they are all perfect. I would not refuse any if offered. Though the set up I would most likely achieve for myself is the simple layout with the bike in the doorway. I do like elements of past lifestyles to balance out the geeky techno look

  7. Yes I agree with the last two comments! I too would be envious of any of these home office set ups. To achieve these looks one must invest and consider their entire surroundings. I too like the simple set up with the bike as the backdrop!