Beautiful Examples of Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design is hot. With the rise of smartphones and tablets, flexible layouts have never been more important. Thanks to responsive web design we can be sure that the visitor will have the same experience, regardless of the screen size. Here are some examples of companies that already created beautiful responsive websites. Continue reading

Responsive Web Design: The Need Of The Hour?

With no assurance as to what medium – desktops, mobile phone, iPad, netbooks, etc – a user is going to use for viewing a site, it has become imperative to produce such a design that appears equally good on all types of devices.
As it is difficult to create separate versions for different screen resolutions or platforms and is also not a great idea if considered practically, it makes sense to go for a feasible option and what else is better than a Responsive web design. Continue reading

5 Things To Remember When Designing A Mobile Website

2010 was the year of the mobile revolution. Smartphones and tablets have never been more popular. A lot of companies saw the need for a mobile website. But there are some things to consider when designing a mobile website. In this article you’ll find 5 tips you should keep in mind when you want to design a website for mobile devices. Continue reading

20 Wicked Wood Textured Websites

A good use of textures can bring a web design to the next level. A specific texture can also create a certain atmosphere. Metal textures are usually associated with a cold, industrial look while wood textures are linked to a feeling of warmth. In this article you’ll find 20 websites that use really beautiful wood textures in their design. Continue reading

15 Eye-Catching Flash Websites

Adobe Flash can be a powerful tool to create amazing websites. A lot of these websites take a different approach to the old website concept and they want to create an entirely different user experience. When you take a look at these 15 flash websites, I’m sure you’ll agree that these websites really stand out from the crowd. Continue reading

A Showcase Of 25 Festivals Websites

There are a lot of different music festivals around the world. Some of them offer a specific style of music, while others offer a blend of styles. This diversity is also reflected in festival websites. You’d be amazed how many different styles of festival websites there are. I’ve collected 25 interesting festival websites in this article. Continue reading

30 Awesome Minimal Websites

Your website doesn’t have to be cluttered with graphics or text in order to be beautiful. Some designers use a minimal approach: they filter out all the non-essential stuff. This results in simple, yet beautiful website designs. In this article you’ll find 30 examples of this designer’s approach. All these websites are simple, yet beautiful. Continue reading