30 Quality Websites To Share Your Design Articles

You’ve just spent countless hours writing a great article that’s really interesting and informative. But how do you make sure that potential readers will be able to reach your brand new article? Have no fear, because in this post you’ll find the solution!

There are plenty of social media sites that allow you to post your design articles. Some of the best known social media sites are Stumble, Digg, Reddit… but there are many more design-related social media websites. And don’t forget to add your article to the user news section of various design blogs! Continue reading

Artist Spotlight: NIARK1

Very few graphic designers are as talented as Niark1. He’s a graphic designer from Paris, France. During his career he has made flyers, logo’s stickers, illustrations, covers and much more for well known brands such as Eastpak, Burton, Aides. Some of you might recognize him from the Computer Arts Projects cover (issue 121, March 2009). Continue reading

Artist Spotlight: Peter Jaworowski

Today, we place Peter Jaworowski in our spotlight. He’s a designer from Warsaw, Poland. Peter is the co-owner and design director of the Warsaw-based creative studio Ars Thanea.

Peter Jaworowski is a really talented artist, and this reflects in the list of companies he has worked for. He already made some artwork for companies such as The Discovery Channel, Nokia, Coca-Cola, Intel, Fiat… Continue reading