Huge Collection Of Free Social Media Icons

When you have your own blog, it’s important that your visitors can easily share an article with their friends. They can do this via social media such as Digg, Stumble, Twitter, Reddit… But wouldn’t it be nice that these social media icons fit the design of your blog? In this article you’ll find a huge amount of free social media icons in all different kind of shapes, colours and sizes. Enjoy! Continue reading

30 Quality Websites To Share Your Design Articles

You’ve just spent countless hours writing a great article that’s really interesting and informative. But how do you make sure that potential readers will be able to reach your brand new article? Have no fear, because in this post you’ll find the solution!

There are plenty of social media sites that allow you to post your design articles. Some of the best known social media sites are Stumble, Digg, Reddit… but there are many more design-related social media websites. And don’t forget to add your article to the user news section of various design blogs! Continue reading

Free Social Media Icons: Social Stamps

There’s a first time for everyting. Under this motto, I’m happy to release my first icon set. This set contains 10 different social media icons that were inspired by post stamps (hence the name ‘Social Stamps’). You’ll find icons for Facebook, RSS feeds, Flickr, Stumble, Myspace,, Reddit, Digg, Technorati and Twitter. All these icons come in two different sizes: 128×128 pixels and 64×64 pixels. Enjoy! Continue reading