Interesting Tweets – Week 37

It has been another interesting week on Twitter. Last week I came across some great resources such as Fitvids, a lightweight jQuery plugin for fluid width video embeds, the iPhone app Gadgetbox, a huge collection of code snippets and a JS library that helps you with your web typography. We also found images of the original Twitter homepage. Enjoy! Continue reading

Interesting Tweets – Week 35

It was once again an interesting week on Twitter. The week was packed with useful and interesting tweets. Big news was the Wacom Inkling, a great tool that closes the gap between traditional and digital sketching methods. We also saw the semantic grid system, 12 graphic design paradoxes, a JPEG tool and the beautiful website for the Sony Tablet S. Continue reading

Interesting Tweets – Week 34

Twitter users are sending 55 million tweets per day. That’s circa 640 tweets per second! There’s a lot of spam and rubbish between these short messages but occasionally you’ll also find some interesting stuff. This week I found some tweets that have been very useful and/or interesting to me. I discovered Inkerlinker, found some great icon sets, learned a useful photoshop tip… More interesting tweets after the break. Continue reading

5 Essential Twitter SEO Tips

Since a few months, Google shows tweets in their search results. This means that tweets can be a great source of traffic for your website if they have a good Pagerank. Here are 5 essential Twitter SEO tips to increase the efficiency of your tweets. Continue reading

The Awesome Size Of The Internet (Infographic)

For a lot of people, it’s impossible to imagine their daily lives without the internet. Over the last couple of years the internet has become an integral part of society. We use it to search for information, check our email or use Facebook and Twitter. Because the internet is so popular, it has grown a lot in size. This infographic tells you a bit more about the size of the internet and popular services such as Facebook, Youtube and Twitter. Continue reading

Huge Collection Of Free Social Media Icons

When you have your own blog, it’s important that your visitors can easily share an article with their friends. They can do this via social media such as Digg, Stumble, Twitter, Reddit… But wouldn’t it be nice that these social media icons fit the design of your blog? In this article you’ll find a huge amount of free social media icons in all different kind of shapes, colours and sizes. Enjoy! Continue reading

Free Social Media Icons: Social Stamps

There’s a first time for everyting. Under this motto, I’m happy to release my first icon set. This set contains 10 different social media icons that were inspired by post stamps (hence the name ‘Social Stamps’). You’ll find icons for Facebook, RSS feeds, Flickr, Stumble, Myspace,, Reddit, Digg, Technorati and Twitter. All these icons come in two different sizes: 128×128 pixels and 64×64 pixels. Enjoy! Continue reading

10 Unusual Twitter Icon Packs

Twitter can be a powerful marketing tool. You’ll probably see a twitter icon on all major websites and blogs nowadays. But wouldn’t it be nice to stand out from the crowd? I’ve collected some beautiful but unusual twitter icons that you can use on your own website or blog. Continue reading