79 thoughts on “The Awesome Size Of The Internet (Infographic)

  1. Good job :)
    But… as there are about 6.8 billion people on Earth, how 6.8 billion people can use Internet ?
    Another point is about Facebook data. It’s now confirmed that stats published by Facebook are wrong. For example, Facebook says that they have 1.6 million members in Oslo as there are only 800,000 people in Oslo. They also say that they have 850,000 20-29 years old members in Norway but… there are only 613,000 20-29 years old people in Norway… Same thing for France and many other countries Facebook stats.

  2. You were right about the number of internet users. Guess I made an error there… I corrected the infographic. Thanks for your reply.

  3. Only 1.9 million internet users? I first thought this is an infographic from 1993, but then discovered ‘Facebook’ terms.

    I guess you meant 1.9 billion internet users, although I don’t know the real value.

  4. Hey, it should be “Worldwide 1,9 billion are using…” instead of “Worldwide 1,9 million are using…”. Facebook has 500 million users…

    Anyway, excellent job!

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  7. I’m not sure if this is really an infographic. Almost everything is just text. The closest you got was your horizontal bar graph of people.

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  10. really cool info. Just small recommendation though.
    Probably better that you fix that icon for Asia ….some people WILL be offended by that and interpret that as narrow mindedness and anachronism.

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  12. Your Comments
    Spelling error – 60,000 Full Lengths Film – the error is in Lengths …

    Otherwise a fun tool to use …

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  17. Is there a reason why decimal points are comma’s instead of um… decimal points!? That’s the only thing keeping me from liking this info graphic. You should probably fix that. It’s a huge mistake.

  18. Welcome to the real world t3amBrian. Not everyone does things the way you do in your country. The huge mistake here is your ethnocentrism and lack of awareness of the world you live in.

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  24. Very interesting figure :) , Looks like a ware of getting visitors between FB and Twitter. and i am shocked about the fact that Google has just cached 0.004 % of web data, amazing.

  25. That human brain part is wrong. I think the brain holds 17 exabytes. I’m not sure about that but I know it’s in the exabyte range which puts it orders of magnitude away from the terabyte figure you have there.

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  32. found the fact if facebook was a country it would be the 3rd biggest country very interesting! and there are 640 tweets per second on twitter !!

    superb post, thank you

  33. It seems that we have a lot of critics on the numbers. Bottom line is most everyone uses the internet for search, social media and general information. It is not going away. It will continue to grow at a furious rate and nothing will stop it. The Customer Advantage will be driven by this medium. Those that see it now will be the leaders of the future. The possibilities are endless and very real. Get a grasp on the concept and make it happen. The sheer numbers in this graphic should be enough proof that we all have the same common opportunity, right now, to become uncommon. What you do now will have a profound impact on your future and the future of those you share this FREE opportunity with.
    Good Luck and God Bless…

  34. Very interesting how big facebook has grown!
    Amazing to think that if the internet is at this size today, how big it will be in ten years time!

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  38. Great infographic (and subject).
    Are you sure that google only indexes .004% of the internet? I always thought it was a lot more than that…
    And was this hard to make? I’d like to learn how to make an Infographic some day.
    You’re is very cool. :) Steven

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  43. Amazing stat.. Imagine that only approx. 19 % of the worlds population have Internet in their home. This is only the beginning. Growth is yet to become.