Dream Offices From Around The World

We already took a look at 15 awesome and inspiring offices a couple of months ago. Fortunately there are more than 15 great offices in the world. This is a selection of offices that stand out from the rest because of their creative design or crazy decorations. Surely, you wouldn’t mind working in one of these awesome offices. Continue reading

8 Amazing Office Desk Setups

[Guest article by Tom Walker] Here we bring you a run down of some of the most amazing office desk setups anywhere in the world. Rather than focus our attention on multi-screen monsters (although there are a couple in there – it’s hard to resist!), we’ve chosen to feature offices which are uncluttered, stylish, sleek and conducive to an organized and stress-free working life. Ogle them, feel jealous and be inspired. They say you can learn a lot about the quality of a professional from his desk – make sure yours is saying the right things about you! Continue reading