15 Awesome And Inspiring Offices

Google Zurich

I’m sure you’ve seen this office plenty of times on the internet. This office is all about fun: it has a lot of specially decorated rooms in which employees can do their work. There’s even a game room for relaxation and a gym where you can work out. Check it out:






Selgas Cano Architecture

The Selgas Cano Architecture office, designed by Iwan Baan, makes you feel like a part of nature. Thanks to the fact that the office is below ground level and the huge windows, you really feel encapsulated by plants and trees. This looks like a really peaceful environment that stimulates creativity.






Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past five years, you’ve probably already heard of Twitter. This fast-growing tech company recently moved into a new office. This new office looks really clean and simple. You’ll find plenty of references to twitter in their office, such as birds and @-symbols.





Saegeling Medizintechnik

Saegeling Medizintechnik is a German company that produces high-end medical equipment. The same sense of technology and innovation that they use in their products, is also portrayed in this new office. This results in a clean, stylish building with some sexy curves.




White Mountain Office

This office somehow reminds me of the nuclear bunker in the end of Terminator 3. This old atomic shelter is now used by Swedish ISP. This really is a one of a kind work environment.



Yahoo Barcelona

Yahoo has several offices around the world. The office you see here is located in Barcelona, Spain. This office is, just like all other Yahoo offices, focused on fun and creativity. This creativity is expressed via paint-like artwork on walls and windows.




TBWA Hakuhodo

TBWA Hakuhodo is a Japanese advertising company. This awesome office was designed by Klein Dytham Architecture. This office wants to bring the outside in. You’ll see plenty of nature inspired elements such as grass and trees.






You probably know Pixar from great animation films such as Toy Story, Finding Nemo, Wall-E and The Incredibles. But did you also know they have a cool office? (ow, you did?) This office is filled with paintings and figurines from several Pixar creations. You can work in some of the micro-offices or blow off some steam with a game of ping-pong or pool.





Pallotta Teamworks

Pallotta Teamworks asked Clive Wilkinson Architects to create a one of a kind office. And they got what they asked for. This entire office is made out of shipping containers that are stacked on top of one another. The shipping containers were painted in various colours to add a bit of flair to the workspace.




Red Bull London

This is probably one of my favourite offices. Partially because of the sleek minimalistic look, but mostely because of the awesome carbon slide! Red Bull’s awesome 3 floor office was created by Jump Studios, an architecture company from London, UK.






The new Facebook office is centred around employees needs and wants. Several small ‘neighbourhoods’ were created to give each department its own unique style. Employees are encouraged to write on walls, add artwork, and move furniture as they see fit.




Bastard Store and Office

The Bastard store and office really is a skateboarder’s paradise. This is actually a combination of a skate park and an office. I’m sure that few employees will suffer from burnout in this amazing office!




Hyves.net is a social networking site that’s really popular in the Netherlands. Just like the Facebook office, this office is all about the people that work there. There’s only one slight difference between both offices: the Hyves office is filled with bright colours. And when I say bright, I mean really bright. Check it out:





JWT New York

JWT is one of the oldest advertising agencies in the world. This office is designed over five floors and designed to accommodate 900 employees. This office reflects JWT’s business model and brand identity and it was designed by the creative minds of Clive Wilkinson Architects.




Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Slovenia

This has to be the coolest government office I’ve ever seen! The organic looking white framework in combination with a lot of windows and tons of plants makes this office a real treat for your eyes.



138 thoughts on “15 Awesome And Inspiring Offices

  1. I’m extremely happy with working from home. It’s the best cubicle or office I can think of. Or at least that is what I used to strongly believe..

    These images are simple awesome, inspirational at the very least.
    While I do work in small teams, I think I’ll keep this as reference for when I’ll redecorate.

    Thank you!

  2. The whole collection is a breath-taker.
    It pushes ones mind towards planning the holidays not on any special island but in one of the above offices.

    Thumbs Up for this special article.

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  4. if you have an office full of toys you either get kids playing instead of getting actual work done, or you get understandably annoyed people getting actual work done with all these useless toys lying around in the way costing money that could be better put to use on infrastructure or headcount. you do not get people at work getting actual work done while making use of swings and toys, massage chairs, fishbowls, and pool tabels. grow up. work is not play. play is not work. if you want to play, fund it yourself. if you want to come to work, get to work.

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  9. All these designs are worthy of being included in a post regarding awesome and inspiring offices. My faves are the Google Zurich and Hyves offices. When your work is challenging and fun, there is little delineation between play and work. What could possibly be better than that? However, even play can be stressful sometimes and having a place to relax puts you in a better frame of mind, allowing you to be more productive in the long run.
    .-= Gene@Fireproof File Cabinet Store´s last blog ..Fireproof Safes – Things To Consider Before Buying A Fireproof Safe =-.

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  19. In all this spaces it seems very diffuse the difference between an office and a prison. I prefer a house or an apartment.

  20. Oh yes, the slide, the pool tables, the floor cushions, the dining areas. Why would you want to go home. I agree we all would work far more organically and owners would see a lots more productivity.

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  24. Really wonderful workplace, i would love to work in this kind of offices. These all are very important aspect to get efficiant & productive work from eomployees.

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  27. Hi … this collection of 15 Awesome And Inspiring Offices is truly amazing , all of them are very nice but the one which i like the most is the third one..keep up the good work.

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  30. Twitter’s office is the most ugliest on the list. However, it is not ugly at all without the rest of article specimens.
    Selgas Cano Architecture for office is something that EVERYONE should have! :D Whether individual is, or isn’t, aware of that… yep.

    Btw, this kind of article is one of the reasons why I love Stumble.

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  34. This is amazing. I would love to work in a place like that. Fireviews is the best place to spread the word about your creative content like this stuff.

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  36. These are just beyond imaginations. Lovely and superb collection. I am loving “Selgas Cano” as that’s a bit unique from all others but for sure Facebook, Redbull, Hyves and Chamber of Commerce and Industry are good too as well as colorful and i would love to work 24 hours in such a pleasant office :)

  37. Wow! I agree with your parents! In fact if I were running a business this is the single aspect I would achieve, beyond any other aspects to building a strong team and work place. In order for people to be creative, and creativity is a requirement of every role in any work place, the ambiance must be conducive to inspire. Equally the clock watching will reduce substantially if your work place is one of beauty and designed to encourage expression and commitment.

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  39. Your Comments. Good to see 21st century offices, I hope designs are safe against fire, flood,natural disasters. will the maintenance cost be reduced.
    What will be the cost of such finished accommodation at the rate of per square foot and time to complete.
    pl share details if available .

  40. Pretty good post. I will add bookmark on your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed reading your blog posts. Any way I’ll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you post again soon.

  41. You should add photos of Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy factory. That looks like it would be a great place to work, and with a great boss too! :)

  42. I love my job at United Way of Miami-Dade and we do great work in South Florida, I just wish we had a carbon slide in our office like they have at Red Bull London, I’m sure we’d be a lot more productive . . . great spaces, love them all!

  43. Hey, these are nice! I like the idea of the Face book one:Facebook

    The new Facebook office is centred around employees needs and wants. Several small ‘neighbourhoods’ were created to give each department its own unique style. Employees are encouraged to write on walls, add artwork, and move furniture as they see fit.

    But my favorite is either Red Bull London, that German one, or Twitter.

    Nice! If I actually wanted a cubical job, I’d want one of those!

    Architechture rules! Maybe when i’m all grownup, I’ll make one of these!

    Hmmmm… *visualizing awesome workspaces*…

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  46. No privacy – no family – no individualism in these places. Just for 24/7 ant workers that have no other life. Nightmare!

  47. Is it? NO…but looks like it….hmmm….Nope.
    But then again is green!
    But no, is not the place where I work! :P
    Great pics!!!!!! :)

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  50. How does a punk like zuckerberg have the knowledge to find this much wealth? He got help or stole it.

  51. Selgas Cano Architecture is most beautiful and creative office. Selgas office theme is really a unique idea I love it.

  52. wow! indeed, great offices! especially,the one from Google rocks! those lovely wanna be chairs are like big buttons!


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  54. Your Comments Hi I love this it is amazing and so very creative and full of talent. Now if I worked in environments such as these and children even college student and any one worked, lived in such places as these I believe the world would be in a much better attitude and therefore more peaceful state.
    Nice job:)

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  57. some really fantastic images of offices you have there…just looking at them gives me new ideas of what is possible in creating people centered offices that really really look good.

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  59. I really love the designs of all these offices, I wish I had the opportunity to work in one of these! I especially like the Google Zurich office design. It looks like it would be great fun to work there. I guess office interior design plays a pivotal role in nurturing a positive attitude in employees, to make them look forward to going to work.

  60. That google zurich office relaxation area with the aquariums on the side just makes you want to rest and feel totally at ease as you mull over the next big idea. Beautiful beautiful design, and great photo collection.

  61. why do so many of these “new” work environments looks like kindergartens? the nature inpired ones however are DIVINE

  62. Your Comments all photographs i like very much and i wish to fix slide from first floor to graund floor please help me how to do.

  63. Hi, I like most of the work spaces, especially the ones in the woods. I think the idea of an office in a cave space is far out, and dont it look great?
    Thank you all for this exceptional visual experience.

  64. I find these some really neat space, being in the furniture business for 40+ years it is amazing to observe the full 360 in design concepts. Free-standing, desk-credenza-chair-bookcase, to work stations back to benching/free-standing-free standing that is somewhat attached via brackets.

  65. I have no real idea where any of these are located. They all look great. I’ll bet that many of them, possibly all, are located in suburban/exurban office park settings and could not design their amenities within the rigid, unyielding bureaucratic constraints of most urban center areas.

  66. In today’s business world the key factors that are shaping our office spaces are Sustainability, Mobility and Flexibility. Work places that are sympathetic to office workers in the twenty first century are still few and far between, however perceptions are changing from businesses who no longer see offices as a liability, but rather a key branding tool.

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  68. not that i object in the slightest to these interesting yet boring places but can i have a go please. if you want creativity, start with the building. arrrrrrg IDEA> WITH your millions, make where ALL your employeees live, THEIR PERSONAL creative place and FUCK the office off. Egotists buildings are shit.

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