35 Great Illustrations Of Mythical Creatures

People have always been fascinated by mythological creatures. You might have come across some dragons, chimeras or centaurs in books. Some designers tried to envision these creatures and translate their ideas into beautiful illustrations. Because every designer is unique, so are his creations. Here are some of the best illustrations of mythological creatures, enjoy! Continue reading

Beautiful Fan-Made Boxart

Packaging is for all products pretty important and so it is for videogames. And with the shift to buying more and more games online, publishers are adding value to their games via its packaging. That’s why almost every game now gets a special or limited edition when it comes out. What I personally like the most is a game’s boxart. The boxart of a game should reflect its identity. So why not have boxart made by the people who know a game’s identity the best. Below I give you a collection of the best boxarts created by gamers themselves. They all tried to capture the essence of the game in its boxart and besides that, they all look pretty cool if you ask me. Continue reading

20 Gorgeous Business Cards From GraphicRiver

Are you looking for stylish, eye-catching business card? Don’t have the necessary skills to create one on your own? GraphicRiver, an Envato marketplace for design resources, is packed with beautiful business cards. You can already buy a business card design for only $5! In this article, you’ll find 20 gorgeous business cards from GraphicRiver. Continue reading

A Showcase Of Human Photo Manipulations In Advertisements

Everyday you are confronted with hundreds of advertisements. You’ll find them on TV, in magazines, on billboards… But you probably don’t remember every ad you’ve ever seen. That’s why it’s important for advertising agencies to create unique, creative ads. In this article you’ll find some of the best print ads. Al of these ads tried to sell their product or service via a human photo manipulation. Continue reading