15 Gorgeous Abstract Nature Wallpapers

Can’t decide whether to use an abstract wallpaper for your desktop or a wallpaper of a beautiful landscape? Why not combine both? In this article you’ll find 15 great abstract nature wallpapers. These wallpapers will really spice up that boring desktop. Take a look at the related posts for more beautiful wallpapers. Continue reading

Photoshop Tutorials Perfect For Creating Abstract Wallpapers

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80 Free High Res Wood Textures

Most designers use textures. If they’re creating a website or a photo manipulation they often use textures to bring their designs to the next level. I already collected some of the best paper, concrete and rust textures, but this time I have selected wood textures. In this article you’ll find 80 free high resolution wood textures that you can use in your next design! Continue reading

30 Beautiful And Inspiring Nature Wallpapers

I know a lot of you like to change their wallpaper once in a while. A few weeks ago I collected 30 awesome abstract wallpapers, but this time I found a whole collection of beautiful nature wallpapers. These wallpapers will give your desktop a fresh new look and they might even inspire you to create a great nature-related design. Continue reading