75 thoughts on “The Beauty Of Lightning Storms

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  6. Hello, fellow blogger.
    I’ll give you a thumbs down for the annoying request. Thank you, but I pretty much know how to use my toolbar.

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  8. wow. You could totally understand how people once thought it was sent as the wrath of the Gods. amazing photos.

  9. first picture is shopped. fast + slow shutter speed in one pic?

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  11. none of the shots are shopped. a slow shutter speed is how you get pictures of lightning. what do you think hes testing his reflexes when he takes these shots? that would not be a smart thing to do.
    on a side not these photos are great, and if anyone wants to take their own pictures of lightning, buy a tripod, go out in a good storm, and set your shutter so it will close as soon as you let go of the button. good luck.

  12. Lightning is a very fascinating subject for photography. It is a real pity that I am unable to experience it often, there are hardly any thunderstorms with lightning.

  13. The first picture is not shopped, lightning is photographed using only a slow shutter speed, as are the vehicles, no fast shutter speed is used.

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  15. If you look closely at the bottom picture, you will also see a comet in the distance – so many things going on in one photo, unbelievable.

  16. All photographs are nice,but if the Black n white would have been taken in sepia tone or tungsten touch ,it would have been much better.
    Great work

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  18. I can’t believe that no one has picked up on a fault in that last picture. The reflections with the lightning on the right are all wrong. I think it’s been shopped a bit. Not a very obvious shop from first glance but a shop nonetheless.

  19. Once lightening struck my SUV Mahindra Scorpio. Luckily notching happened to it. Maybe becuase Scorpio is a tough SUV. But I sure was frightened with the whole scene. After all I was thinking I was going to lose my best possession, My SUV Mahindra Scorpio http://www.mahindrascorpio.com

  20. Wow I’m sick of you losers posting your shopped photos everywhere STOP CORRUPTING INFORMATION WITH YOUR FAKE SHIT.

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  23. Nice collection. I must have to get a life going by the above comments……
    Nah, I enjoy standing out in the open with my tripod.

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  25. Good article. This is such a great resource that you are providing and you give it away for free. I love seeing websites that understand the value of providing a quality resource for free

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  27. Those are some truly amazing photos.Gorgeous pics! Sunsets are a beautiful time to reflect on the day and a reminder of how magical and perfect life is. Where was the North Carolina sunset taken from? Koh Lanta and San Diego sunsets are equally enjoyable! I love how Americans clap and cheer when the sun finally dips below the horizon- I have never seen that done anywhere before!

  28. If ya’ll like these pics look up USS Harry S. Truman lightning strike. Looks like the ship is being hit by lightning. it was really cool, We were in Ft. Lauderdale Florida and a huge storm came in.. It was quite the experience to see storms from all over the world, and We had some really great photographers onboard.. .. Well check it out.. hope you enjoy

  29. You should come to Sweden and camp out inte the woods, and see a lightening-storm. I mean, bridges cities and oceans is one thing, but sitting in a tent in the woods is super intense!

  30. Really beautiful photos, thunderstorms are fascinating (and a bit scary too). Took some photos myself last summer during a thunderstorm at my summerhouse and got some decent pics of lightning striking down in the sea, it was really cool.