Touching Photography From The Dark Side Of War

War has always been a terrible thing: destroying cities, tearing up families and scarring people for life. Photographers try to capture these terrible scenes so they can show us the real face of war. The result is a collection of touching and heartbreaking photos from the dark side of war. Some of the pictures in this gallery might be offending. Viewer discretion is advised. Continue reading

Inspirational Photography By Markku Lahdesmaki

Markku Lahdesmaki is a photographer from Finland. His love for photography started when his uncle gave him a simple camera with a black and white film. He moved from taking snapshots of his family and shooting objects in a museum to having a small studio in his home town. After that he left to study and work abroad. For the past fifteen years, Markku has been living in Los Angeles with his wife and two boys. Continue reading

Beautiful Examples Of Coral Photography

Underwater-photography comes with its own challenges compared to classical photography. It’s a completely different environment with certain limitations that the photographer has to keep in mind. But when the photographer can get everything right he can create beautiful photos. This time I’ve collected some amazing coral photographs. These photos really show the diversity in forms, colors and textures of coral reefs. Continue reading

Surprisingly Beautiful Curved Stairs

Inspiration can be found everywhere. People can draw inspiration from almost everything in this world: music, flowers, the sea, movies, animals… Sometimes, even something as simple as a stair can become a great source of inspiration. That’s why I’ve collected some of the most beautiful spiral stairs in this article. We should thank these photographers for capturing these great examples of inspirational architecture. Continue reading

Photo Manipulations By Koen Demuynck

Belgium might be a small country, but it’s filled with talented people. A few months ago I already showed you some of the beautiful creations of exceptionally talented photographer and film director Frank Uyttenhove. Today I’d like you to meet Koen Demuynck, another design guru with an amazing eye for detail. Continue reading

30 Breathtaking Long Exposure Photos With Water

It’s time for a bit of photography inspiration. So how about a collection of some of the best long exposure photos? A lot of the photos that were made via this technique were shot in urban environments. I’m sure you’ve seen plenty of night-time long exposure photos of a highway.

But some photographers use this effect to shoot amazing photos of waterscapes. The combination of running water and long exposure often results in breathtaking photos. In this article you’ll find 30 beautiful examples of this photography approach. Enjoy! Continue reading