20 Extremely Minimal Wallpapers

Pureminimal by wasimagined

minimal wallpaper

Dark Conformity by submicron

minimal wallpaper

Touch it by YaroManzarek

quality minimal wallpaper

Inspect by drunkenpixels


Ocean by DannisLehto

minimal wallpaper

Flavoured by Digitalshiva

Sone by Gates1993

quality minimal wallpaper

Wallpaper-ish thing by shadows-keeper

minimal wallpaper

A little motivation by Spargett

do your work

Skull wallpaper by LordZoltan

Hot vs Cold by umar123

Warmth by FateZoom

Science is harder by skryingbreath

Afternoon by SimekOneLove

Zaria by wasimagined

Minu by wasimagined

WTF Wallpaper by Darkmatter257

Burnt Orange by murasaki55

Relax Wallpaperpack by monarxy

FXI10 by xyphid

5 thoughts on “20 Extremely Minimal Wallpapers

  1. joghurtKULTUR on said:

    WOW, i really like the Expect the unexpected Wallpaper! Thanks for sharing this!

  2. Dicas Wordpress on said:

    WoooooW is the beautiful!