13 thoughts on “Old vs New: Great Logo Redesigns

  1. Much better. Especially the Mac. The first version screamed “80s”. But the original Best Buy logo was better – and the Discovery Chanel too.

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  4. Firstlt, i am sorry for posting this comment under wrong category earlier.
    Well,comapring the “new” and “old” logo is always exxciting, although I don’t approve much of the above given redesigned logos.

    These logos remind me of my compilation of “25 Exciting Redesigned Logos” at my blog with agreat feedback from my readers. Many of these are the same but most of the redesigns will be new for you. I am sure you will enjoy having a look at


  5. I’m sorry, I have to disagree with you on some of the logo redesigns being better than the old ones.

    Best Buy: Did they really change it? The yellow tag is instantly recognizable — the new one is like a thousand other logos.

    Delta: I liked the serif font and the blue-red of the icon in the old one. The all red icon and the stiff all-caps sans font are too forceful — is this an airline or a military camp?

    Holiday Inn: Gets a big “what were they thinking?” It looks like an app icon rather than a chain of hotels.

    KFC: The new Colonel is scary — too vector-y — for a company that’s pushed family and welcoming for as long as I can remember.

    Palm: Not a big fan of the new font but it’s not bad like the above ones.

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  7. Most of the logo that are being redesigned on here are great and some are really poor executed with the idea in the beginning.

    Apple – Glossy and sophisticated just like their products. Smart move on Apple. (and everyone knows that Apple will never throw away the bitten apple logo, anyways).

    Best Buy – I liked it how they simplified it. It was smart of them to keep the yellow tag.

    BP – BP has done some “green” changes and “green” products within their own branding. It makes sense. It is also more dynamic and abstract.

    Cnet – Subtle change and much better without the divider. It was too distracting.

    Delta – A good subtle change. Ordinary and glossier.

    Discovery – A huge improvement and kept it simply clean. They also have different stuff in the “D” gap on the tv, too. I once saw they did a sun in between the “D” It makes it fun.

    Holiday Inn – Finally updated and I am glad they kept one distinctive cursive, especially with the “y”. It was too much before and it looked dated. I am sure this will be dated quickly, anyways.

    Intel – Updated well done and didn’t butcher the logo identity.

    Lancia – Sharper and modern.

    Memorex – Simple and easy to read. The cd design within the old “M” was transferred to the “O” in the new logo. I think this is ordinary logo. Could have done something more exciting.

    Palm – Updated well done. Didn’t butcher up the logo identity.

    San Disk – Very subtle change: They borrowed the square from the old logo into the new logo’s dotted “I”.

    The Science Channel – Brilliant logo.

    Walmart – I hated it at first and then it grew on me. I like the lowercase font and the color. It was nice departure from the CAPS with sterile blue color. They have already marketed around the yellow burst. It is still a strange choice, though.

    Now for the logo redesign that didn’t fare well:

    Air France – I do not like how they mushed it up together. The distinctive mark is gone and the new typography is better but it’s still a tragedy.

    Compaq – Extremely ugly font. The distinctive “q” is gone. I remember Compaq by the distinctive “q”. They could have marketed around that idea or modernize the logo. It’s a shame.

    Sprint – When it came out with that new logo. Only thing I liked was the font. I hate the mark. It is too distracting. Too similar to Amtrak, Astroturf and Taca.

    Taca – Too similar to Astroturf, Sprint and Amtrak.

    Astroturf – I only like the font and it is definitely a big improvement from the old one but the mark is terrible.

  8. have to disagree with you on Compaq and Holiday Inn, it looks like a logo for some feminine product (I can just see the little H going “yay freedom from…”

  9. I left out KFC!

    I liked how they made the vector sharper. It looks clean and crispier but I am not sure about too much tan in the logo. I like how they incorporated the famous bucket shape instead of square. It is much more dynamic.

  10. Definitely a nice list. BP’s was drastic, and also helped them with their new “Beyond Petroleum” branding, despite petroleum being their main product. The Science Channel and Taca are also tastefully improved.

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  12. Most of these are huge improvements. I still don’t get the walmart asterisk thing. Are those supposed to be corn kernels? What does the symbol mean? Does it have any significance?