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  1. Awesome post. Some I already knew but most amazed that I never saw the hidden messages. Thanks for sharing. Maybe I need to rethink my logo… hmmmm!

  2. Unfortunately, Northwest airlines (http://www.nwa.com/) replaced brilliant simplicity with graphic stupidity. So sad to see an international corporation take such a giant leap backward in their identity program.

    Also, while the Formula 1 logo does suggest speed and movement, it suggests them going in reverse. Not the best way to win a race in my book.

    Big Ten and Baskin-Robbins still stand in a very elite group of all that good graphic and typographic design should be. Both are outstanding examples of our craft!

  3. Oh WOW!!! Baskin Robbins and 31 flavours of ice-cream..I am simply floored by the creativity.
    May I place this article on my website with clear reference that it is your research?

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  5. The Big Ten logo is the only one I haven’t seen before …. and it’s great ! The others are great too but I’ve seen the hidden messages in them before so I’m king used to them …
    .-= Jack´s last blog ..Yohoho Cannon =-.

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  7. the first time you see it – it nice.
    the second time is – ok
    after you’ve seen these logos in 1000 other sites you kinda get annoyed by it!

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  9. StumbledUpon your page. Thanks for the list. Embarrassed at the countless times the FedEx logo has gone right by me and I never saw the arrow…of course, now I can’t see anything else.

    Have a local one for your list: an Indianapolis florist has a logo along the same lines – hate to admit that I saw it only as a stylized flower for years before I noticed it was their initials:


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  13. For me one of the funniest logos is Kappa, an Italian brand of sportive clothes that have sponsored a lot of important clubs, like FCBarcelona, Roma etc.
    Take the image of the logo and try to cover the two heads of the womenn and there it is…. Explicit content.

    Hehehe, tell me what you think!!

  14. This is one of the coolest most informative reads I’ve seen in awhile. The logos and hidden meanings intrigue me and definitely hold a lasting effect on my logo designs in the future to come. Great read, great post.

  15. great findings! -ps- the most best ever company holiday party I’ve ever been too was thrown by Sun MicroSystems. Complete with Monster Trucks, Sushi chefs, all you could drink bar, firework light show and sky divers! A Gigantic Crazy Rockin Waste of cash!

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  18. These are nice logos certainly, but not hidden meanings. They are just very well designed. Good examples of how a designer or agency has done their research properly and provided branding that works. For a corporate logo to work it has to visually encapsulate the company’s product or service, especially across a multi-lingual customer base. If you don’t notice it straight away then that’s ok, but don’t interpret it as hidden.

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  21. Thank for open my eyes, I don’t take care about logos, but now I look well and discover a lot of funny things.

    Hey Guillermo, the MOTOROLA logo have much more “Explicit content” ….or maybe I am mind-sick….jajajajjijijajj

  22. Excellent post. Just a small remark – the Unilever logo is also a very smart representation of the ‘Horn of plenty’ or ‘Cornucopia’.

  23. The GreenLabs logo looks extremely similar to mine.. I don’t know who’s came first, but I hope they’re not trying to steal my originality and get the credit for it. Though I must say, I do like his version better than my own standalone, but mine was made to match the typeface.
    .-= Clayton McIlrath´s last blog ..Magento: Add New CMS Page Layout =-.

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  26. Your Commentsnice, I never have seen a bear in Toblerone! You have opened my eyes!

    Interesting, what you have to say about our logo http://www.facebook.com/varkakru don’t mind the background, I always play with it.

    The Logo is my vision and letters done by me colleague who have helped me layout idea of the logo as well

  27. I believe the Milwaukee Brewers discontinued use of the logo shown here. The Hartford Whalers moved to North Carolina in 1997 and are now known as the Carolina Hurricanes.

  28. One of my personal favorite logos, which i was sad to see off of this list is the Infiniti logo. The actual logo depicts a road in the middle which appears to go on forever. this both represents the concept of infinity as well as the purpose of the company. It is also a very clever alternative to the actual symbol of infinity.

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  38. I heard Scott McNealy say the original source of the Sun logo was U-shaped packing peanuts that a group of them were idly rearranging while chatting (presumably, including Vaughan Pratt).

    Their packing-peanut-inspired version of the logo was on its side. Later they paid a design firm to generate the real corporate logo, which rotated it 45 degrees and colored it purple.

  39. I also like Mammoth Mountain’s logo. It’s both an M, a silhuette of a Mammoth and a silhuette of two Mammoth Tusks pointing up.

  40. Don’t forget the erect penis also visible in Amazon’s logo. (It’s there to show you that either a) you’ll get an erection because of how awesome they are or b) that you’re about to get fucked.

    I’m not really sure what it means, to be honest.

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  42. It’s funny. Most client think that this stuff actually works but in my experience it’s often the designer who’s just having a little fun and sneaking this stuff in on the side. Still, it is fun.

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  45. Itz really fantastic…..n my interest in freelance logo creation got escalated …..n am too happy to noe of this…..thanx for this gr8 information dude !

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  47. someone just showed me the arrow in the Fed Ex logo the other day. the pittsburgh zoo logo is another good example, though a bit more obvious than most found here.

  48. I never noticed the bear in the Toblerone logo before – and I’ve eaten plenty of their chocolate!

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  50. it was a really nice read… Though about the unilever logo the symbols that make the U also are some where related to its product line….. There is a Coconut tree symbolizing Parachute brand ( Of Coconut Oil in India), Than there is this splash right on the top – it symbolizes a washing powder/ bar brand name surf excel…. Than there is this heart logo which is commonly associated with its icecream brands …. The symbol of bird is for its product Dove!! U can actually find associations with all its symbols… leaves for its Lipton Tea brand etc. Cheers!! Keep up the good work!!

  51. That was a fantastic review thanks for that! I live in New Zealand but think a lot of people like myself have never noticed how the Roxy logo was made from the Quicksilver logo. Nice work!

  52. check out the logo for Winfield cigs on the packets, turn it upside down and you will see WinPlay, the f and the i join to become the y and the e looks more like an a, Winfield used to be a big sponsor of sports here in Aussie, hense the Play to Win theme

  53. Wow, awesome article! Thought I’ve seen those logos so often, I’ve never noticed ANY of those things. Except maybe the NBC one lol.

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  56. The racist burning cross logo doesn’t really belong on this list. Yes, we know you don’t like blacks.

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  60. Super cool! But they forgot to mention the “spoon” between the E and the D in FedEx. Although it has little to do with the company, it’s pretty neat, eh? :)

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  62. You are doing a good job by introducing interesting visual material. But your cut and paste research with equally inadequate cut and paste disclaimer is nothing more than superficial eye candy without explanation of the brief and without giving credit to the creators and owners of the logos. Some of the logos above have been created by iconic designers and brand design agencies, but you have not bothered to find them and acknowledge. This is blatant violation of all copyright norms.

  63. this is fucking stupid. you could say shit like this bout most anything. and no shit on more than half of them. lets see something cooler

  64. You missed the Toyota Logo, each letter of the word Toyota can be found in the logo itself.

  65. Your Comments

    any theory on the Apple macintosh apple bite?

    1) snow white
    2) Adam and Eve
    3) Alan Turing

    I go with number 3.

    nice site just doing my uni Graphic design module, pointing out the ‘fedex’ arrow was cool..

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  70. This was really interesting & eye-opening. I can’t believe I have never seen the arrow in the FedEx logo before – once it’s pointed out it is glaringly obvious. Very cool

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  73. There’s nothing like a great logo.

    But hidden message logos???? Awesome!!!

    I never realized about the Sun MicroSystems one.

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  75. Awesome collection of logos and fabulous explanation of the hidden messages..

    I too am a design enthusiast but not actively involved in any of the design processes but always get excited on finding such great stuff..


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  77. The logos are cool, but the commentary is painfully contrived. Just post the logos without any explanation: it is better to mull over it than be led through it like a two-year-old.

  78. You have put together an excellent site. It is very entertaining to see the creative ways major companies have altered their logos. Do you know if Marriott has any hidden messages in any of their logos?

    There are pictures all taken at a Marriott by University of Maryland in the site attached with my name above.

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  82. A little unnecessary to tell us to “LOOK CLOSELY” or say “you may not see it at first, but…” on almost every single logo, since the “hidden” things in almost all of them is BLATANTLY apparent from a glance and you would have to be an idiot to need them spelled out for you.

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  84. commentary was seeringly painful. i know you have to write to the lowest common denomonator but it actually seems like the writing is by the lowest common denomonator. poor

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  91. I can’t believe how many of these I didn’t catch on my own. Like the two people holding a chip in the Tostitos logo or the Northwest Airlines logo has a compass pointing to the NW. Totally missing both of those. Thank you for sharing, what a great stumble.

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  93. I knew about many of these but there were a few that I had no clue about until you pointed them out. Very creative and tricky. Thanks for putting this list together.

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  95. I’ve enjoyed eating Toblerone for years, and not once have I ever noticed the silhouette of the bear! I love hidden messages like that. I shall enjoy eating them all the more now for knowing the genius behind the design. ;)

  96. Kevin, Thanks for your article! Very interesting. Loved the Eight logo. And though I’ve eaten a hundred bars of Toblerone, I never knew about the bear in the logo. Can’t wait to make a bet with my brother and win.

  97. I love that kind of stuff. I do drawings sometimes with hidden messages and pictures in them. Great post!

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  101. There are hidden meanings in lots of logos especially the ones that you have shown. It is all interprited by the viewer.

  102. Dear friends,
    I am from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I Live in a city that is very hot most of rhe year. I plan to start an ice cream business. Can you help me create a logo with a subliminal message ? Thank you very much.

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  104. What a fun post. You tend to forget just how much effort firms go through designing logos. An exercise in design awareness. And marketing.

  105. I don’t like Eighty 20′s logo. The top row of “binary” is backwards, and means 4. The bottom makes 20. I have no problem a big company’s logo standing for 420, but both of them are missing a figure.

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  111. How about the old Montreal Expos logo.

    If you look closely, you see the letters M, E, & B — for “Montreal Expos Baseball”. One of the most clever logos in sports…

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  113. This is all very nice and an interesting take on graphic manipulation of corporate symbols, but it clearly is not a “hidden meaning” like Bryan Key’s “subliminal seduction” nor David Brown’s fictitious nonsense. It is purely a nice example of graphic engagements we have at our disposal as corporate communicators.

  114. Love these logos. This is what we were going for with our logo. The Metalmark is a custom chainmaille jewelry shop so the “Metal” part of the name is pretty obvious, but metalmarks are also a family of butterflies that have silvery spots on the wings, so the logo is an “M” that also resembles a butterfly.