27 thoughts on “Great Examples Of Negative Space In Logo Design

  1. Great post Kevin, creating a meaningful shape with negative space in logos can be tricky and you nearly always need to tweek and reshape letterforms.

    That’s where you need to be careful, fiddling with letterforms can be disasterous, but some of these above work beutifully.

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  9. Your Comments I really enjoy looking at cleaver use of space especially in black and white some of these logos would work well in sculpture where negative and positive space can be viewed large and also phicially touched,laters from mike in australia.

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  11. Nice collection. Excellent use of negative space can be seen in these logos. Black cat and Human are my favorites.
    Great job guys…

  12. These are really fun – it must have taken you a while to collect this group. I’ll admit though the Healthful Additions one took me a little while to register. I guess that means it was well done!

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