10 Essential Free Serif Fonts

Serif Beta

A beautiful serif font by Betatype. Included in the set are Regular, Italic, Bold, Bold Italic for optical sizes 72, 12 and 6. Size 72 also includes italic swash characters and Black weights.


Museo 300/500/700

This OpenType font family comes in five weights and each weight also offers supports CE languages and even Esperanto. Besides ligatures, contextual alternatives, stylistic alternates, fractions and proportional/tabular figures, Museo has a ‘case’ feature for case-sensitive forms. The Museo font family costs $29,95 for five fonts, but the 300, 500 and 700 versions are free!


Andron Freefont

A great free Serif font, made by Andreas Stoetzner. This font is actually one of my favorites.


DejaVu Serif

The DejaVu fonts are a font family based on the Bitstream Vera Fonts. Its purpose is to provide a wider range of characters while maintaining the original look and feel.



Chunk is an ultra-bold slab serif typeface that is reminiscent of old American Western woodcuts, broadsides, and newspaper headlines. Used mainly for display, the fat block lettering is unreserved yet refined for contemporary use.


Charis SIL

The design of the basic character set of Charis SIL is similar (but not identical) to Bitstream Charter, designed by Matthew Carter. Nevertheless, this still is a beautiful serif font.


Goudy Bookletter 1911

Goudy Bookletter 1911 is a moderately rough text face based on Kennerley Old Style. This font was made by Barry Schwartz.


Gentium Basic

The Gentium Basic font family consists of 8 different font styles: basic regular, basic italic, basic bold, basic bold italic, book regular, book italic, book bold and book bold italic.


Grandesign Neue

Another great serif font that you can’t miss in your font library. And it’s even free!


Mido Font

A beautiful serif font made by Eva Grinder. Too bad there are some characters missing.


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