6 thoughts on “Logo Of The Week: Two Wolves

  1. Deak Gabi on said:

    very nce logo! i like it. 10x for the post

  2. Deak Gabi on said:

    very nice logo! i like it!!! 10x for the post :)

  3. Custom Logo Designs on said:

    Absolutely clever use of negative space. It simultaneously shows two wolves and the digit 2 at one time.

  4. Mikaela on said:

    If you would like to cover an interesting logo, if you haven’t already, jagermeister’s label it self represents what would happen to you if you were to dink the bottle. There is a deer, surrounded by a circle with a cross on the top. Resulting meaning… “Oh deer god”

  5. Vector Artwork on said:

    Very clever! I like it.

  6. Lizardboi on said:

    Just found this now! :D Thank you for featuring my logo on your site, I am honored. What people miss at the logo -if you don’t point it out – is that I drew the old man telling the story into the negative space of the wolves :)