Icons Land: Where Icon Is King

What is Icons Land?

Icons Land is an icon design studio with highly qualified designers that have a strong experience in designing icons. They offer all sorts of stock and vector icons such as hardware icons, people icons, nature icons, transport icons… Besides these standard icon sets they also offer custom design services, including icon design, animation design and logo design… This means that you can also order a custom icon when you can’t find a certain icon in their library. The size of an icon set ranges between 17 and 244 icons. You’ll also find several variations these icon packs.

One thing I really missed on this website was a search function. This would make it much easier to find relevant icons. The current icon database isn’t very big. But in the future, when there are more icon sets available, it might be more difficult to find a specific icon.

The Icon Library

The offer icons that can be used for various purposes: mobile applications, websites, presentations… All stock icons come in .PNG format (.ICO is available on request). Every vector icon will be available in Illustrator’s .AI format. The icons are designed in 7 different formats: 16×16, 24×24, 32×32, 48x48x 64×64, 128×128 and 256×256.

The icons are divided into different icon sets e.g. a transport icon set with trucks, boats… Every icon set contains several icons in various sizes. If you want to see a complete list of every icon in an icon set, you can take a look at the set catalog. You’re not obliged to purchase an entire set. If you have your heart set on a specific icon, you can contact the people at Icons Land and tell them which icon you would like to buy.

Design Style

When you take a look at the icons that this website offers, you might have noticed that every icon has the same look and feel. That’s because the designers decided to use a Vista-styled design. The benefit of this approach is that the icons are interchangeable: icons from different icon sets can be used together without customization. The combination of similarly-styled icons and various icon sizes and variations makes this website a great resource for designers.

My Top 3 Icon Sets

Icons Land has some great icon sets, but these are my favorites:

Multimedia Icon Set

A really versatile icon set. I’m sure everyone will find a good use for this multimedia icon set.

Vector Emoticons

Who doesn’t like a nice emoticon? These emoticons have plenty of character and charisma.

Base Vector Icon Set

The mother of all icon sets. This is a collection icons that can be used for various applications and/or websites.

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