Fresh Collection Of Google+ Icons

Google +1 Icon Set by Iconshock

This is probably the most creative Google+ icon set available. Instead of using the conventional buttons, Iconshock opted for a more creative approach. They used coins, flags, books and even batteries.

Google +1 icon

Google Plus Icon Set by hamzahamo

A set of 13 Google+ icons made by hamzahamo. Each icon is available in different sizes and the PSD file is included so you can copy/paste design elements and customize the icons.

Google Plus Icons

Google+ Icons by PremiumPixels.

A simple, stylish icon set by the guys at Premium Pixels. Every icon comes in two different sizes (32px and 24px) and you’re free the use the PSD file.

Free Google Plus Icons

Google Plus Icons by Nataly

A clean and simple icon set, just the way I like it. This set contains 10 big Google+ icons.

Google+ icon

Google+ Vector Icons

Bold Perspective created this great set of Google+ vector icons. Besides the normal ‘+’ icon, you’ll also get a g+ icon. You’re free to use these icons anywhere you want.

Google+ vector icon

Google+ Circular Icon Set

Taiyah Raja steps away from the conventional rectangular Google+ icons and created these beautiful circular icons.

google+ icon

Google Icons

Really clean and useful Google+ icons made by 365PSD.


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  1. Thanks for this resource. I guess I’ll have to bite the bullet and find time to add Google+ to my site!