6 thoughts on “How To Design A Great Logo

  1. The one thing I strive for above all is uniqueness.

    I don’t want to design a logo for someone that looks like somebody else’s, though often clients have seen a logo they like and want me to just recreate that one.

    Instead I try to help them understand what it is that they like about the design, for example, does it make clever use of negative space?

    Also, I only ever design in black and white and always finalise a design as much as I can on layout paper before starting to work digitally. I find this is actually much faster for making revisions and spotting errors and can lead to some “that’s cool” moments when you make a mistake.

  2. I agree, uniqueness is very important. There are plenty of logos out there that are a copy of another logo.

  3. For me, logo design is one of the trickier aspects of web design. The problem is, to truly do justice to a logo you need to spend many hours coming up with a design. But on the other hand the end design that you come up with can actually be extremely simple – something that would take a few minutes to re-create. So the tricky part is justifying the cost of the hours spent when the end result appears like it should have been a 30 minute job.

  4. That is why it’s called a logo design PROCESS: it’s about constant tweaking and feedback. A great logo is the result of hours of fine-tuning and hard work.

  5. A logo is like a baby, created for a cause, sometimes without a cause as long as it lives to give meaning. As it grows older and becomes known it represents yourself in the widest sense of the word. Everytime you look at it, it gives you the feeling of indescribable proudness and achievements.