Surprisingly Cool Chocolate Package Designs

Askinosie Chocolate

Askinosie Chocolate brings back oldskool package design. They used old paper, a classic typewriter font and worn-off stamps. Everything comes together to create this great looking retro package design.

Askinosie chocolate

Coco Chocolate

In contrast to the previous package design, Coco used a more modern approach. They used some great typography to set their packaging apart from the competition. Great typography + creative minds = awesome package design.

coco chocolate

Ellg Gourmet Chocolate

This company used a minimalistic design philosophy. Because of the minimalistic design, it somehow doesn’t really look like packaging for chocolate. But you can’t blame them for trying to come up with something fresh.

ellg gourmet chocolate boxes

ellg gourmet chocolate bars

Original Beans Chocolate

The main goal of Original Bean’s packaging was to reflect the company’s focus on quality, their international sources and a strong sense of sustainability. The international flavour of the chocolate is represented in an impressed world map, the focus on sustainability is shown in the slogan at the bottom, and the quality of the product is displayed with the rich floral design elements.

original beans chocolate

original beans chocolate 2

Choxie Signature

The packaging for Choxie chocolates was inspired by the ‘ox’ in the existing logotype. The patterning underscores the playful brand look through colours and repeat pattern that was translated to Valentines Day and Winter Holiday signature boxes.

choxie signature chocolate

Thomas Haas Chocolate

Thomas Haas designed packages with some focal points, such as big number that refer to the type of chocolate bar and the contrast between the black background and orange parts of the packaging. I also love the way they designed the chocolate bar itself.




TCHO Chocolate

TCHO is actually a fusion of the words Technology and CHOcolate. Their packaging is a combination of typography, colours and patterns.



Cocoa Absolute

Cocoa is a San Francisco based boutique chocolate company. The packaging for their ‘absolute’ chocolate collection looks really clean by using only the essentials: there are no graphics that distract the buyer from the product.

cocoa absolut

Divine Chocolate

You might not have guessed it, but this is actually a fair trade product. The package design was made by Williams Murray Hamm and the typography was done by Alison Carmichael.

divine chocolate

Monbana Chocolate Cube

The Chocolate Cube is a special gift item from Monbana that holds several different flavours of chocolate. The unique positioning of the cube makes this a real eye-catcher. This actually looks more like a decorative piece than a product package.

monbana chocolate cube

monbana chocolate cube2

Fat Pig Chocolate

This is probably the funniest chocolate package design I’ve ever seen. Some people say that chocolate makes you fat? Fat as a pig perhaps? The designers of this product packaging took this saying rather literally. Really creative and original packaging.

fat pig chocolate

fat pig chocolate2

Alice Chocolate

Alice Chocolate also uses a minimalistic package design for their great chocolates. They want to focus on the product instead of the packaging. It looks like they have high hopes for this brand: they want to be the n°1 chocolate brand in the world.

alice chocolate

Kohler Chocolates

Traditional package design in a modern jacket. Lovely colours and spirals make this a package design to remember. Originally, these chocolates were only available in Kohler Resorts, but due to the high demand for these chocolates, they decided to make the available to the general public.

kohler chocolate

Brix Chocolate

Brix is the first line of chocolates specifically blended to compliment wine. Based on the finest single origin chocolate from Ghana, Brix masterfully combines the outspoken character of the single origin chocolate with the smoothness of the highest quality confectionery chocolate. Their packaging really reflects this focus on quality.

brix chocolate


What do you get when you mix chocolate with haute-couture? Co-couture of course! This company produces award winning handmade chocolates and chocolate bars, supplying many high-end retailers including Liberty in London.



Nestlé Black Magic

Nestlé was keen to bring dark chocolate into the mainstream using it’s much-loved Black Magic brand. It required a repositioning of the category as well as the brand and great packaging to communicate it. The result is this sleek, stylish package.


Chocolat Factory

Maximum impact with minimal content, that’s the design philosophy behind these great packages from the Chocolate Factory. A simple package that tells you what’s inside: no more, no less.