21 thoughts on “The Evolution Of Company Logos After A Merger

  1. Huh. This being a design blog I kind of expected some kind of commentary on the designs. I guess my expectations were too high. Interesting logos though.

  2. Nice to see how some companies have merged and hade a change of naming and brand completely. I didn’t know Verizon and Lufthansa were the results of mergers. I kinda wondered what happened to Gulf too, but now I know!

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  4. Great post. Very insightful. I had no idea there were other bloggers out there following incessantly logo evolution and every possible other angle about the design vocabulary of logos and corp identity. Thanks!
    ciao, dian

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  8. I work for ExxonMobil. They recently merge with some _________ company. Just like BP with AM/PM. Shell with Circle K. We are having a meeting on Monday. Let see what happens.

    ExxonMobil suck.

    BP and Shell got the best gas.