TheRoxor on Facebook

The inevitable has happened: TheRoxor has a Facebook Page. This means that all you Facebook addicts can visit our page on this popular social media site. On our page you’ll find articles, links and freebies. So come and join us! Continue reading

Pixmac Giveaway: Winners Announced!

Last week we had the opportunity to host a great giveaway thanks to the people (and dog) at PixMac. We were able to give a free one month subscription to three lucky readers. The response has been great and I’ve been able to randomly select three winners. Find out who won after the jump. Continue reading

Why You Should Write Guest Articles

Most blogs offer the possibility for readers to submit guest articles. These guest articles can be tutorials, freebies or plain texts. But why should you ‘waste’ your time writing an article for someone else? Will you get something in return? In this article you’ll find reasons why you should start writing guest articles. Continue reading

Important Considerations Before Selecting A Theme For Your Blog

A blog is an excellent means which allows people to share thoughts, information, opinions, ideas, creativity and what not. It is such a medium that leads to mutual exchange of information between the blogger and the visitors and thus is quite engaging in nature. Though content plays a major role in the success of the blog but at the same time it should appeal to the readers. In this regard selecting an appropriate theme for the blog is an important thing to do for creating a positive impression on the visitors. Continue reading

Why Designers Should Use Twitter

Unless you’ve been living the past 5 years under a rock, you’ve probably already heard of Twitter. This social media has gained a lot of popularity and I can hardly imagine a world without it. Twitter can also be useful for designers. In fact, I’m convinced that it’s a must-have for designers. Find out why after the jump. Continue reading

The Blue Lady’s New Look And Other Curiosities: Review & Giveaway!

I’ve never really been a book-fanatic. Because I have the attention span of a fish, I can’t be bothered to finish a book. But this book got my curiosity tingling. Not only because it combines two of my favorite passions: design and marketing, but also because it’s to-the-point and extremely relevant.

JKR was kind enough to send me a copy. In this article you’ll find my impression of this book. There’s also a small giveaway attached, so maybe you can win your own copy of ‘The Blue Lady’s New Look’. Continue reading