100 High Res Paper Textures

Paper textures are always useful, whether you’re designing a website, poster or wallpaper. Correct use of textures can give your design something extra. But some designers are having trouble finding a texture in the right color and size. That’s why I’ve collected 100 high res paper textures in this article (p.s: it’s a mix of premium textures and free textures). Continue reading

Great Examples Of Minimal Business Cards

Business cards are a must-have for every self-respecting company. Some designers like to create business cards with lots of colors and illustrations while other designers prefer a more minimalistic approach. The latter use subtle gradients and textures instead of bombastic visuals. In this article you’ll find some examples that will hopefully inspire you. Continue reading

Interesting Tweets – Week 34

Twitter users are sending 55 million tweets per day. That’s circa 640 tweets per second! There’s a lot of spam and rubbish between these short messages but occasionally you’ll also find some interesting stuff. This week I found some tweets that have been very useful and/or interesting to me. I discovered Inkerlinker, found some great icon sets, learned a useful photoshop tip… More interesting tweets after the break. Continue reading

5 Free Tools To Monitor Your Online Presence

For those of you who are freelancing or maintaining a website or blog, it’s important to monitor your online presence. Your online presence and/or influence can have a great effect on the number of clients or visitors. Monitoring your online presence can help you make decisions about communication and marketing. It’s also a great way to gather feedback.

This doesn’t have to be a time-consuming task. A few hours per week can help you a lot. And with these free tools to monitor your online presence, you’ll be able to work even more effectively. Continue reading